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Welcome to Pymble Orthodontist, where decades of expertise and a commitment to excellence come together to transform smiles for both children and adults on Sydney’s North Shore. Dr. Ronny Marks, with over twenty years of dedicated service, specialises in the most challenging cases, including those that others may hesitate to tackle. Our commitment to time-tested methods ensures you achieve the right result, the first time.


Pymble Orthodontist Services


Early Interceptive Orthodontic Treatment

Correct problems such as misalignment, overcrowding, or bite irregularities at an early stage to prevent the need for more extensive treatments later.


Comprehensive Orthodontic Treatment

Embark on conventional treatment after losing baby teeth to address alignment issues thoroughly for a lasting, confident smile.


Adult Orthodontic / Cosmetic Treatment

Revitalise your smile anytime with adult cosmetic orthodontic solutions. It’s never too late for straight, confident teeth, leaving a lasting, radiant impact!

Pymble Orthodontist: Dr Ronny Marks

Dr Ronny Marks

Meet Dr. Ronny Marks, a seasoned orthodontist dedicated to transforming smiles across his illustrious 35-year career. Widely recognised in the dental community, Dr. Marks is a go-to referral for dentists seeking a trusted expert in solving complex orthodontic cases. Specialising in challenging situations, he blends experience and innovation to craft personalised treatment plans, ensuring optimal results for each patient.

As the leader of our practice, Dr. Marks upholds the legacy established in 1962 by his associate, Dr. Robert Gates, embodying a tradition of compassionate and expert orthodontic care.

For over 35 years, we've transformed miles of smiles.

For over 35 years, we've transformed miles of smiles.

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We are specialist orthodontists. The success of your treatment depends on the skill and experience of your doctor!


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Using a revolutionary system called “3M Unitek“. We may be able to significantly reduce your treatment time.